Friday, October 10, 2008

kids and scissors!?!

Today we found Thomas under the kitchen table cutting his own hair. When we asked him why he cut his hair he simply stated "Well, my hair was in my eyes." He also managed to cut his forehead with the -children's- scissors. At first he was hysterical, kicking and screaming when we told him we had to shave his head, but once it was all shaved off he said "Oh, wow, that looks good!" What an adorable little guy. We loved his hair---but he's pretty stinkin' cute with short hair too! The 1st picture is obviously before the buzz, but I thought I should explain his face. This is his 'I'm sorry and I am really sad about it face".

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Beaner's Mama said...

Yea! you posted! I love the tutu! Brady cut his hair too...i thought it would be my girls to do that, but sooo glad it was a boy, love the buzz! (i just got those same pjs for my boys,love costco!)